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  • MEYLE Heavy Duty
    Encoder overspeed switch combinations, redundant
    encoders, encoders with large hollow shafts, robust
    encoders for conveyors and steel works.
  • MEYLE MyProx
    proximity sensors
    Programmable inductive proximity sensors with unique
    sensor functions and adjustable sensing range. Raises
    applicatzion problemes by target detection, background
    metal rejection, band detection and tech-in function, e.g.
    for applications with high vibration.
  • stepping motors and
    brushless DC motors
    Stepping motors with high torque at low
    speeds in different sizes and power ranges with high
    step angle accuracy. Electronically commutated (EC)
    brushless DC motors for machine applications.
  • MEYLE safety switches for
    conveyor belts
    and machine protection
    Pull rope emergency switches, lever limit switches, safety
    switches, belt alignment switches, off-track belt switches,
    speed monitors, material flow switches and interlock
    bypass switches for use in harsh environments
  • MEYLE arc detection systems
    LBW81, LBW21 and LBW51
    Arc detection systems for use in medium voltage
    switchgears for industrial plant and personal safety
    protection. Applications in energy distribution,
    power plants, mining, oil & gas, wind power and
    marine industries.
  • MEYLE rotary gear limit switches
    for wind power, crane and
    machine applications
    Rotary gear limit switches for exact positioning
    and end-position detection by cam controller and optional
    built-in encoder. Customer specific solutions for
    integration in machines and equipment.
  • MEYLE incremental
    and absolute encoders
    Comprehensive range of incremental, absolute and bus
    encoders as solid shafts and hollow shaft versions.
    Heavy duty encoders, draw wire sensors, linear encoders
    and speed monitors.
  • MEYLE solid flow transducers
    for mass flow measurement
    The microwave transducer measures the flow of moving
    particles in pipes, operating maintenance free and
    without contact to the product. Simple installation in
    existing pipes and easy software calibration.
  • MEYLE systems and
    components for
    wind power applications
    Encoders for pitch control, rotary gear limit switches
    for yaw control and pitch adjustment, wind sensors,
    personal safety equipment, industrial ethernet networking
    of wind farms, system integration and engineering for
    applications in wind power industry.
  • MEYLE Engineering
    system integration
    and engineering company
    Long expertise and experience in the areas of planning,
    engineering and commissioning of solutions for industrial
    procedures and processes.
  • MEYLE safety modules
    and safety controls
    Systems, components and concepts for safety applications
    up to safety category 4 and PL e / SIL 3 in accordance with
    the safety standards EN ISO 13849-1, IEC 62061 of the
    EC Machinery Directive
  • MEYLE Engineering
    system integrator and
    solution provider
    Automation and process control from a single source as a
    solution provider for PLC technology, drive technology and
    process automation.
  • MEYLE Engineering
    process automation
    in EX-area
    Concepts and systems for Profibus PA Automation
    according to FISCO - Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept
  • MEYLE pressure, level &
    flow sensors
    Pressure switches for industrial use and pressure
    transducers with thin film technology for ambitious, long-
    term measurements. Float switches with one or more
    switching points up to 3 m length. Magnetic level indicators
    for top or side tank assembly.
  • MEYLE outsourcing products
    Acquisition of the tools, manufacturing equipment and
    customer relations for outsourcing and after market
    products. Production and quality assurance, as well as
    ensuring the delivery of compatible versions for ongoing
    demands, spare parts and for new applications worldwide.

Vertriebslinien Lenze

Lenze - Artikel

L1051 520230 Magnetteil BFK 458-18N BFK45818N
L1141 520245 Magnetteil BFK 458-18N BFK45818N
L9501 520429 HTD648M306WF 520429
L0960 520874 Magnetteil BFK 458-10E 205V BFK45810E
L1099 520880 Magnetteil BFK 458-12E 24V BFK45812E
L1158 520882 Magnetteil BFK 458-12N 24V BFK45812N
L1140 521372 Magnetteil BFK 458-14N 205VDC BFK45814N
L0894 521376 Magnetteil BFK458-14E 205VDC BFK45814N
L1066 521429 Magnetteil BFK 458-20E 180V BFK45820E
L0122 534 E Drehzahlregler 349044 534
L0042 631 E 3 326 442 631
L0049 646-202 Teilkolbenbüchse 646202
L0920 650446 Welle 650446
L0918 650537 Deckel 650537
L0923 650547 Deckel 650547
L0922 651336 Dichtung 109x89x0,5-EWP330 651336
L0921 651340 Dichtung 174x143,5x0,5-EWP 651340
L0089 652 165 Schneckenwelle 652165
L0919 652254 Schneckenwelle 52.104.08 i=20 652254
L0333 Kupplung+Bremse 742360514
L0774 77489 38mm 1121325910
L0210 8102 BB Bed.Terminal 347 642 8102 BB
L0209 8105 Freq.-Umrichter 386 354 8105
L0211 8106 Freq.-Umrichter 386 355 8106
L1163 81281 Spindelgehäuse 11.700.0 11700004
L0845 81819 111043041
L1018 8221LP Platine 8221LP
L0260 8224E Freq.-Umrichter EVF-8224E
L1138 8224LP doppelt => L1147 8224LP
L0012 8302 AP Optionskarte 8302AP
L0024 8308 A Freq.-Umr. 338 122 8308
L0126 8601 Freq.-Umr. m. Wi 365 818 8601
L0052 8602 Freq.-Umr. 361 657 8602
L0130 8603 Freq.-Umrichter 383 173 8603
L0013 8604 Freq.-Umr. 361 707 8604
L0004 8605 Freq.-Umr. 361 708 8605
L0002 8606 Freq.-Umr. 373 640 8606
L0006 8607 Freq.-Umr. 373 641 8607
L0081 8608 Freq.-Umrichter 373 643 8608
L0058 8610 Freq.-Umrichter 373 645 8610
L0059 8611 Freq.-Umrichter 373 646 8611
L0026 8613 E Freq.-Umr. 373 611 8613
L0135 9215 Versorgungsmodul Serv. 9215
L0133 9226 Servoregler 9226
L0134 9226 mit Pos.-St. Servoregler 9226
L1019 9321 mp Platine 9321MP
L1071 9325LP Platine 9325LP
L9504 A2S 130 A2S130
L0255 Ankerdrossel ELA1-240H006 ELA1-240H006
L0749 Application I/O E82ZAFAC N E82ZAFAC
L0721 Application I/O E82ZAFAC010 N E82ZAFAC010
L0241 Bed.Terminal EMZ 9371 doppelt ==>L0184 EMZ9371BB
L0349 Bed.Terminal EMZ 9372 BB EMZ9372BB
L9503 Bedienungsanl. EVS93xx-Ek deutsch BEDIENUNGSANL
L0632 BFK 458-08N BFK458
L0295 BFK 458-20 E BFK458-20E
L0177 Bremschopper f. 9324 386587 386587
L0788 Bremse kompl. BFK 458-06E 205V BFK45806E
L0567 Bremsmodul EMB8252-E EMB8252E
L0265 Bremsmodul EMB8253-E nml EMB8253-E
L0239 Bremsmodul EMB9352-E N EMB9352E
Y2059 Bremswiderstand FZM300x65-100 FZM300
L0178 Bremwiderst. f. 9324 365902 365902
L0179 Bremwiderst. f. 9325 357 881 357881
L0221 DEEDXX 100-31 DS-Motor Ex DEEDXX
L0225 DEEDXX 132-22 DS-Motor Ex DEEDXX
L0223 DEEDXX 160-22 DS-Motor Ex DEEDXX
L0222 DEEDXX 160-32 DS-Motor Ex DEEDXX
L0224 DEEDXX 200-32 DS-Motor Ex DEEDXX
L0091 DERA BR 100-32 DS-Motor DERA
L0111 DERA XX 112/21 Sondermotor DERA
L0215 DERAXX 071-12TA DS-Motor DERAXX
L0196 DERAXX 090-31 DS-Motor DERAXX
L0197 DERAXX 100-31 DS-Motor DERAXX
L0195 DERAXX 160-32 DS-Motor DERAXX
L0092 DFRA BR 100-32 DS-Motor DFRA
L0102 DFRA BR 112-12 DS-Motor DFRA
L0103 DFRA BR 132-12 DS-Motor DFRA
L0132 DFVARS 090 Servomotor DFVARS
L0595 Digitalvoltmeter EPD203 EPD203
L0117 Drehknopf ERZ0001 #0 ERZ0001
L0972 Drive PLC Basisgeräte EPL-10200 N EPL10200
L0169 DSVABS 090-22 Servo-M. (LÜ+BR) 347412
L9505 E82 ZASSC100 E82ZASSC100
L0704 E82EV113K4C Frequenzumrichter N E82EV113K4C
L0726 E82EV152K2C Frequenzumrichter N E82EV152K2C
L1060 E82EV152K2C200 N E82EV152K2C200
L0602 E82EV152K4C Frequenzumr. N E82EV152K4C
L0898 E82EV152K4C200 Frequenzumrichter N E82EV152K4C200
L1188 E82EV1532K4B302 Frequenzumr. N E82EV153K4B302
L0823 E82EV222K2C N E82EV222K2C
L0707 E82EV222K4C Frequenzumrichter N E82EV222K4C
L0617 E82EV222K4C200 N E82EV222K4C200
L1042 E82EV223K4B201 Frequenzumr. N E82EV223K4B201
L0557 E82EV251K2B => L0822 E82EV251K2B
L0822 E82EV251K2C N E82EV251K2C
L1038 E82EV251K2C200 E82EV251K2C200
L0716 E82EV302K2C Frequenzumrichter E82EV302K2C
L0691 E82EV302K4C Frequenzumrichter N E82EV302K4C
L0783 E82EV302K4C200 Frequenzumrichter E82EV302K4C200
L1177 E82EV303K4B241 N E82EV303K4B241
L1189 E82EV303K4B302 Frequenzumr. N E82EV303K4B302
L0613 E82EV371K2B Frequenzumr. E82EV371K2B
L0651 E82EV371K2C Frequenzumr. N E82EV371K2C
L1039 E82EV371K2C200 Frequenzumr. E82EV371K2C200
L1270 E82EV402K2C N E82EV402K2C
L0706 E82EV402K4C Frequenzumrichter N E82EV402K4C
L1061 E82EV402K4C200 E82EV402K4C200
L0547 E-82EV551K2B jetzt => L0727 E82EV551K2B
L0727 E82EV551K2C E82EV551K2C
L1087 E82EV551K2C200 N E82EV551K2C200
L0603 E82EV551K4C Frequenzumrichter N E82EV551K4C
L1211 E82EV551K4C200 N E82EV551K4C200
L0810 E82EV552K4C Frequenzumrichter N E82EV552K4C
L1244 E82EV552K4C040 N E82EV552K4C040
L0362 E82EV552K4C200 Frequenzumrichter E82EV552K4C200
L0714 E82EV751K2C N E82EV751K2C
L0686 E82-EV751K2C200 E82EV751K2C200
L0653 E82EV751K4C Frequenzumrichter N E82EV751K4C
L0834 E-82EV751K4C200 E82EV751K4C200
L1062 E82EV752K2C Frequenzumrichter E82EV752K2C
L0588 E82EV752K4B =>L0669 E82EV752K4B
L0669 E82EV752K4C Frequenzumrichter N E82EV752K4C
L1109 E82EV752K4C200 Frequenzumrichter N E82EV752K4C200
L1185 E82MV152-4B001 N E82MV1524B001
L1186 E82MV222-4B001 N E82MV2224B001
L1183 E82MV751-4B001 N E82MV7514B001
L1184 E82ZAFCC001 N E82ZAFCC001
L1079 E82ZAFCC010 CAN-Modul E82ZAFCC010
L1040 E82ZAFCC210 CAN-I/O PT E82ZAFCC210
L0905 E82ZAFFC001 AS-Interface E82ZAFFC001
L0701 E82ZBB Hanterminal E82ZBB
L1278 E82ZBBXC Hanterminal E82ZBBXC
L0327 E82ZBC N E82ZBC
L0747 E82ZBL-C Handheld E82ZBLC
L0820 E82ZBU E82ZBU
L0867 E82ZL22234B Netzdrosse N E82ZL22234B
L1182 E82ZWKN4 E82ZWKN4
L0901 E82ZWL025 2,5m Leitung N E82ZWL025
L0702 E82ZWL050 5,0m Leitung E82ZWL050
L9509 E82ZZ37112B200 SD Funkentstörfilter E82ZZ37112B200
L9510 E82ZZ37112B210 LD Funkentstörfilter E82ZZ37112B210
L0784 E82ZZ55234B210 E82ZZ55234B210
L0687 E82ZZ75112B200 E82ZZ75112B200
L0953 ECSDA008C4B ECS-Servosys. Achsmodul ECSDA008C4B
L0198 EFH20004 Sicherungshalter 2pol EFH20004
L0593 EFH30003 Sicherungshalter 1pol EFH30003
L0200 EFSCC0063AYJ ZK-Sicher. CC6,3A EFSCC0063AYJ
LO201 EFSCC0120AYJ ZK-Sicher. CC12A EFSCC0120AYJ
L0202 EFSCC0200AYJ ZK-Sicher. CC20A EFSCC0200AYJ
L0611 EFSGR0400AYIK Sicher.22x58 40A EFSGR0400AYIK
L0612 EFSGR0800AYIK Sicher.22x58 80A EFSGR0800AYIK
L0000 Einmal-Artikel Lenze EINMAL
L0001 Einmal-Artikel Lenze Zubehör EINMAL
L0629 Einspeiseklemme EWZ0039 N EWZ0039
L1107 ELM3-030H004 N ELM3030H004
L0261 ELN1-0900H005 N ELN10900H005
L0236 ELN3-0038H085 Netzdrossel ELN30038H085
L0821 EM16789250 EM16789250
L0207 EMB9351-E Bremsmodul N EMB9351E
L1111 EME9364-E Einspeisemodul N EME9364E
L1130 EMF2103 IB N EMF2103IB
L0907 EMF2111IB Feldbusmodul EMF2111IB
L0941 EMF2133IB Profibus Modul EMF2133IB
L9507 EMF2172 IB USB-CAN Adap./adressierb.N EMF2172IB
L0930 EMF2175IB Schnittstellenm Device N EMF2175IB
L0979 EMF2177IB USB-CAN Adapter N EMF2177IB
L1077 EMF2181IB CAN-Modem EMF2181IB
L1135 EMF8274IB EMF8274IB
L0023 EMZ2002-E Baugr 388509 (alt 320250) 2002
L0723 EMZ2002-E Zusatzbaugruppe EMZ2002
L0036 EMZ2003-E Sollwertintegrator EMZ2003E
L1150 EMZ8272BBV001 EMZ8272BBV001
L0947 EMZ8275IB I/O- Modul EMZ8275IB
L0184 EMZ9371BB Eingabegerät EMZ9371BB
L0633 EMZ9371BC Eingabegerät N EMZ9371BC
L0990 EMZ9374IB Klemmenerweiterungsmodul N EMZ9374IB
L1216 EPM-H310 N EPMH310
L1023 EPM-H315 N EPMH315
L1024 EPM-T110 EPMT110
L1025 EPM-T210 EPMT210
L1026 EPM-T220 EPMT220
L1028 EPM-T910 EPMT910
L1027 EPM-T911 EPMT911
L1131 EPZ-10202 N EPZ10202
L1083 EPZ-10203 Erweiterungsmodul EPZ10203
L0652 ERBD018R03KO Bremswiderstand ERBD018R03KO
L0247 ERBD022R03KO Bremswiderstand ERBD022R03KO
L0240 ERBD033R02KO Bremswiderstand ERBD033R02KO
L0916 ERBD047R01K2 Bremswiderstand N ERBD047R01K2
L0273 ERBD068R800W Bremswiderstand ERBD068R800W
L0292 ERBD082R600W Bremswiderstand ERBD082R600W
LO260 ERBD100R250W Bremswiderstand ERBD100R250W
L0272 ERBD100R600W Bremswiderstand ERBD100R600W
L9508 ERBM200R100W Bremswiderstand ERBM200R100W
L0991 ERBM470R100W Bremswiderstand ERBM470R100W
L0253 EVD471-E 1Q-Drehzahlregler EVD471
L0876 EVD472-E EVD472E
EVD473-E EVD473E
EVD4808-E 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4808E
EVD4808-E-V014 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4808EV014
EVD4809-E 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4809E
EVD4809-E-V014 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4809EV014
L0586 EVD4811-E 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4811E
EVD4811-E-V014 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4811EV014
EVD4812-E 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4812E
EVD4812-E-V014 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4812EV014
EVD4813-E 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4813E
EVD4813-E-V014 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4813EV014
EVD481-E 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD481
L0626 EVD482-E 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD482
L0685 EVD483-E 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD483
EVD484-E 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD484
EVD485-E 2Q-Drehzahlregler EVD485
L0043 EVD4902-E 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4902-E
L0657 EVD4903-E 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4903E
EVD4903-E-V014 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4903EV014
L0309 EVD4904-E 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4904-E
EVD4904-E-V014 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4904EV014
L0736 EVD4905-E 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4905E
L0745 EVD4905-E-V014 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4905EV014
L0585 EVD4906-E 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4906E
EVD4906-E-V014 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4906EV014
L0737 EVD4907-E 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4907E
L0746 EVD4907-EV014 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4907EV014
EVD4908-E 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4908E
EVD4908-EV014 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4908EV014
L0640 EVD4909-E 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4909-E
EVD4909-EV014 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4909EV014
L0640 EVD4911-E 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4911-E
EVD4911-EV014 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4911EV014
L0640 EVD4912-E 4Q-Drehzahlregler EVD4912-E