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  • MEYLE Heavy Duty
    Encoder overspeed switch combinations, redundant
    encoders, encoders with large hollow shafts, robust
    encoders for conveyors and steel works.
  • MEYLE MyProx
    proximity sensors
    Programmable inductive proximity sensors with unique
    sensor functions and adjustable sensing range. Raises
    applicatzion problemes by target detection, background
    metal rejection, band detection and tech-in function, e.g.
    for applications with high vibration.
  • stepping motors and
    brushless DC motors
    Stepping motors with high torque at low
    speeds in different sizes and power ranges with high
    step angle accuracy. Electronically commutated (EC)
    brushless DC motors for machine applications.
  • MEYLE safety switches for
    conveyor belts
    and machine protection
    Pull rope emergency switches, lever limit switches, safety
    switches, belt alignment switches, off-track belt switches,
    speed monitors, material flow switches and interlock
    bypass switches for use in harsh environments
  • MEYLE arc detection systems
    LBW81, LBW21 and LBW51
    Arc detection systems for use in medium voltage
    switchgears for industrial plant and personal safety
    protection. Applications in energy distribution,
    power plants, mining, oil & gas, wind power and
    marine industries.
  • MEYLE rotary gear limit switches
    for wind power, crane and
    machine applications
    Rotary gear limit switches for exact positioning
    and end-position detection by cam controller and optional
    built-in encoder. Customer specific solutions for
    integration in machines and equipment.
  • MEYLE incremental
    and absolute encoders
    Comprehensive range of incremental, absolute and bus
    encoders as solid shafts and hollow shaft versions.
    Heavy duty encoders, draw wire sensors, linear encoders
    and speed monitors.
  • MEYLE solid flow transducers
    for mass flow measurement
    The microwave transducer measures the flow of moving
    particles in pipes, operating maintenance free and
    without contact to the product. Simple installation in
    existing pipes and easy software calibration.
  • MEYLE systems and
    components for
    wind power applications
    Encoders for pitch control, rotary gear limit switches
    for yaw control and pitch adjustment, wind sensors,
    personal safety equipment, industrial ethernet networking
    of wind farms, system integration and engineering for
    applications in wind power industry.
  • MEYLE Engineering
    system integration
    and engineering company
    Long expertise and experience in the areas of planning,
    engineering and commissioning of solutions for industrial
    procedures and processes.
  • MEYLE safety modules
    and safety controls
    Systems, components and concepts for safety applications
    up to safety category 4 and PL e / SIL 3 in accordance with
    the safety standards EN ISO 13849-1, IEC 62061 of the
    EC Machinery Directive
  • MEYLE Engineering
    system integrator and
    solution provider
    Automation and process control from a single source as a
    solution provider for PLC technology, drive technology and
    process automation.
  • MEYLE Engineering
    process automation
    in EX-area
    Concepts and systems for Profibus PA Automation
    according to FISCO - Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept
  • MEYLE pressure, level &
    flow sensors
    Pressure switches for industrial use and pressure
    transducers with thin film technology for ambitious, long-
    term measurements. Float switches with one or more
    switching points up to 3 m length. Magnetic level indicators
    for top or side tank assembly.
  • MEYLE outsourcing products
    Acquisition of the tools, manufacturing equipment and
    customer relations for outsourcing and after market
    products. Production and quality assurance, as well as
    ensuring the delivery of compatible versions for ongoing
    demands, spare parts and for new applications worldwide.
Solutions for Wind Power Industry
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Solutions for Wind Power Industry

Incremental and Absolute Encoders & Metrological instruments

Incremental and Absolute Encoders with mechanical multiturn gear for pitch and drive control Metrological instruments for wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity. Heavy duty and cold climate versions available

Rotary Limit Switches & Rope descending devices

Rotary Limit Switches for azimuth control Rope descending devices for abseiling
Fall prevention devices

Ethernet switches and router

Ethernet switches and router Systems for connection of wind parks with fiber optic networks Systems for lightning and surge protection Systems for PLC control and Visualisation using components from market leading manufacturers

Drive and Inverter engineering and 
panel building

PLC engineering, software development and
panel building

Engineering and installations for wind power industry - System integration

As an engineering company and system integration company MEYLE offers products from a single component up to complete system solutions for wind power industry. System solution mainly focus on pitch control systems, metrological measurements, industrial ethernet connection of wind parks, inverter and PLC control systems.

Wind power - Components

For wind power applications MEYLE offers a wide range of sensors, switches and safety products.

Incremental and absolute encoders are one of the most important products in this field and are used in the generator and pitch control. MEYLE offers heavy duty incremental encoders for use in generator control and absolute multiturn encoders for pitch control applications in combination with pitch drives or blade control. The absolute multiturn encoders use a mechanical multiturn gear to avoid any influence of electromagnetic fields.

Metrological instruments such as wind speed and wind direction sensors are available as cup versions or ultrasonic anemometer versions from standard temperature ranges up to ice free devices for cold climate regions.

Rotary limit switches are used in the area of yaw control (azimuth control) and pitch control. In yaw control applications they are used to avoid twisted cables. The rotation of the nacelle is monitored and if necessary the movement can be blocked in one direction to prevent the twisting of the hanging cables. For this reason also the term cable twist sensor is used.

If rotary limit switches are used in the area of pitch control it is possible to have accurate monitoring of the rotor position. This is usually achieved through the integration of a MEYLE high resolution encoder or potentiometer.

The rotary limit switch is always connected with the gear box of the nacelle or the rotor respectively, using a specially designed pinion gear. The pinion gears can be supplied according to customer specification, in order to integrate the machine into the existing structure.

The switch offers many advantages as opposed to other technical solutions. The end positions are secured through the switch contacts of cam switches. In addition to the limiting of the end position, it is possible to determine positions exactly using the evaluation of encoder or potentiometer signals. In this way a diverse function of great importance can be accommodated in one housing unit. The housing of the rotary limit switch has a protection degree of IP65, which allows for it to be used under harsh conditions.

Safety abseiling devices are used for the abseiling of persons from high work locations. MEYLE offers certified complete sets consisting of a descender abseiling device, rope, hook, harness and bag of highest quality.

Another product for wind energy are the slipring collectors available in different models. The power transmission is transferred from a rotating to a fixed part using the slipring collector.

For repair purposes every nacelle in a larger wind energy facility is equipped with a service crane. This hoisting device is controlled using a pendant control switch which we can offer from our range of crane control components.